A family leaves their beauty parlor in search of a home away from mudslides, mining and the threat to survival.
Pula is part of Agam Agenda's Climate Migration Stories. It is one of the three books released. All of them contain stories of lived experiences of climate-related migration in the Philippines. Due to the worsening impacts of the Climate Crisis, many Filipinos are forced to move from place to place throughout rural and urbanizing areas.

Pula is written by Josh Paradeza, illustrated by me, Wiji Lacsamana. 

Each story aims to meet people where they stand, reflecting local realities and perspectives. People will not usually cite climate change as a reason for moving to a new locality, as shown in research carried out under the Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change (HMCCC) program of the German Agency for International Development (GIZ) in the Philippines. We offer the Climate Migration Stories comics as vital discussion tools for connecting the dots and uncovering the feedback loops between what is immediately visible to people--extractive development, and what is less visible--in the climate crisis.

Created under the HMCCC program of the Philippine office of GIZ alongside a database of residents and migrants and an open-access knowledge portal, the comic books have been formally handed over to the Philippine government under the Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM). With each comic book also translated into a Philippine language (Waray, Binisaya, Tagalog), they will be distributed to various communities across the country.
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